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A word used to describe the look on your face when your are really pissed and floored by the situation at hand.
Twisty eyed- The look that a woman gets on her face when another woman is looking at her man.
Twisty eyed- Used to describe the look on your face as your'e thinking, "What the fuck"?, "Whatever"!, "Who the hell does he/she think he/she is?", "Does it look like I give a shit"?
Twisty eyed- The look you have on your face as you watch some asshole cut in the front of a line that you've been standing in for what feels like an eternity.
Twisty eyed- The look you have on your face as your'e reading your gas bill and steadily watching the gas prices rise.
Twisty eyed looks could be detrimental to your health or the health of someone else.
Twisty eyed looks have been known to be probable cause for ass whoopins.
The "Rock" always has the twisty eyed look on his face.
When I first heard the term "Twisty eyed", I was hysterical with laughter.
If you've already mastered the twisty eyed look, then you know where I'm coming from.
If you are currently laughing, then you must totally agree with the twisty eyed look definitions or your'e thinking about all the times you've actually had this look on your face but never had a word to describe it.
by Hot Ta Mall E April 28, 2006
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The look you give with your upper lip raised, to some condescending asshole in your face believing that they are "holier than thou". The look that just says, "Whatever Bitch".
I looked over at the dumbass in the car beside me after he nearly hit me with a twisty eyed look on my face.
by Hot Ta Mall E April 27, 2006
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