a wierd kinky sex game, played by young kids
Boy: lets play twister!
Girl: ok, i want to be on the bottom
by jmksk8 June 26, 2006
a person who is impaired.

Result of alcohol or mental retardation or just plain stupid. Or a individual who makes a mistake that no normal person could have.

Twister refers to the action of opening a beer or alcohol bottle.
(A homeless man pissing in a mail box) Passer by "Hey looks like Buddy's on bit of a Twister)

(A person while eating, stabs themself, in the face with the fork.) "Are you on some kind, of a fuckin Twister"
by BeckBand August 15, 2007
A white person. derrived from the slave era, where when black people were lynched, a white person would twist the rope around the victim's neck.
Did you see that twister drive by in his pickup truck with the confederate flag on it?
by --Erik K June 05, 2006
A dirty homosexual who loves James(SEE James)
Man1 Im such a twister
Man2 Ewww you drity homosexual
by plzzzzz August 11, 2008
someone who twistes a situation.... basically a real bitch. they take something someone has said then twist it to what they want to make it sound worse nd basically cause arguments ALL the time. bitch
claire- i just dont really like hannah tht much shes ok i just prefer not being around her.
emily- aw dnt worry i feel the same
claire- dont tell
emily- dont worry i wont
emily(to sarah)- claire hates hannahs guts and thinks shes a TOTAL bitch lol!!! she want her to crawl into a little corner and slit herself coz she hates her sooo much!
(claire finds out wen hannah finds out)
hannah- omg u bitch i thort u liked me!!!!
claire- wat?
hannah- u want me to kill myself coz u hate my guts!
claire- i NEVA sed that
hannah- apparently u did!
claire- wel sum1 has been a twister coz i neva sed tht!!!!
by 99*-* December 07, 2006
a large shit that leaves a skidmark in the newer low eco friendy toilets.
dude, don't go in there i just took a huge twister.
by vic digacomo November 24, 2005
One who disrupts with the miniscule brain activity of a chav by asking them a simple question, usually entailing basic arithmetic or anything taught outside of kindergarten. Or, indeed, their date of birth or the identity of their biological father.
"That teacher's a twister innit"
by TC Raymond May 23, 2005

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