a word commonly referred to as sex or any other physical activity between a girl and a man with out clothes or minimal clothes
hey girl you wanna play some twister tonight
by TAF119 March 15, 2009
a modification of the shoker or shocker.
where one crosses the the pointer and middle finger.
when you're tired of the shoker show her the twister
by a god April 25, 2005
a sexual act similar to the shocker but instead of the pointer and index side by side you cross, or twist, them if u will, so that the feeling is that much more erotic when inserted into the girl
dubsys: holy shit, i cant even walk straight due to that insane twister last night!
kdawg: we had a tornado? what?
dubsys: no dude bayard gave me the hottest twister in bed, it drove me wild
kdawg: ohhhh, that twister
by themopedwhisperer November 09, 2009
The act of twisting your middle and pointer finger and inserting into the sex of your choice.
That bitch was so freaky, she let me do the twister.
by uppercase January 29, 2014
Something that couples do in their bedrooms with each other
(sex). Word to use for sex so not being so obvious about it.
Me and Stan played twister last at his house after the date
by Di1916 January 02, 2012
when you take your tounge and stick it in a girls pussy and twist your toung also refered as eating you out
matt gave me a twister in bed last night, it was soo good
by Nicolex33 May 23, 2007
a girl who loves a boy but wont have sex with him
dude 1 "That girl's got me messed up."

dude 2 "Yeah. She's got me the same way. She's a twister."
by noby2know December 16, 2009

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