a wierd kinky sex game, played by young kids
Boy: lets play twister!
Girl: ok, i want to be on the bottom
#game #sex #kinky #twister #little #kids #fetish
by jmksk8 June 26, 2006
Top Definition
A fun romp of a game played with a spinner and a mat of colored circles. Usually used as an excuse to touch the opposite sex. A party game, oftentimes played after heavy drinking.
"Dudes, look what I found in the closet!" Mary exlaimes, stumbling into a wall as she said so. George, who has secretly had a crush on Mary for some time, is very excited, "TWISTER!" Unfortunately, nobody is coordinated enough to get the game out of the box and everyone gives up when Fred blows chunks all over it, except George. After covering himself with Fred's vomit trying to lay the mat on the floor, and finally succeeding, he notices Mary half naked on the couch with Fred and passes out in the corner, weeping.
by Carlos Alantikos February 18, 2005
One who violently torques the man's penis during a hand job in an uncomfortable manner, most commonly resulting in abrasions and/or contusions to the foreskin.
"Damn bitch, I didn't know you was a twister, lighten up on that grip."

"It ain't a screwdriver baby, why you twistin' so hard?"
#sex #dicks #hand job #torquing #pandas #twista #twistah
by Jay Weezy May 12, 2008
Another word for 'Tornado' Meaning "a violent windstorm" which is the actual definition!
Wow, that twister must be atleast an f3
by Brian February 28, 2004
The most bad-ass movie made in 1996 about chasing tornadoes. It is the most referenced movie used for inside jokes among meteorologists and other weather geeks.
Person 1: When going on a storm chase, do not go down Bob's Road.

Person 2: Been watching Twister again?
#twister movie #tornado #weather #hollywood #meteorologist
by CrazyChase12345 August 05, 2010
The combination of Ketamine and Cocaine, cut together into single lines.
"Lets all do some twisters, and let our hearts fight it out"
#twisters #cacaine #ketamine #drugs #lines
by JankyMC June 05, 2009
Gay men or bi-sexual men who attempt to get off sexually by twisting their own scrotums while defecating on another man's back. Difficult but intense!
I tried to hang at the club last night, there wuz too many twisters in the men's room there!
#twisticles #twisties #sack spacklers #tcot #teabaggots #turd crankers
by JayDogBravo February 10, 2010
Twin sisters who are BFF, partners, etc.
My two kittens came from the same litter, so I called them twisters.
#twins #sisters #comrade #colleague #associate #partner #fellow #frien
by William Dean A. Garner November 07, 2011
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