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A Tweet that has exactly 140 characters. It's the Twitter equivalent of a swish in basketball.
"This tweet has exactly 140 characters and I wrote it without purposely trying to use up my 140-character limit. I do believe that's a twish."
by ElzBells October 12, 2009
Negative adjective to describe a bad situation or a person who fails epically
Teacher : Today we will be learning about the star cycle
Student: What Star ? O.o

... Damn she twish.
by Harcus February 22, 2011
A word used when a swear word isn't appropriate.
Clean variation of twat.
-in a classroom-
Abbey you twish.
You're a right twish-ball.
'Ere, she's a reyt twish-bag.
by LAAAH February 29, 2008