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They're a gang of underclassmen kids who think they're cool for one reason or another. They think they're actually a "gang," when they aren't. They make bullshit threats against some people that they never follow up on. They are absolute shit rappers. Pussies that can't fight for shit. Too scared to 1v1 someone so they get the whole crew involved. Twirl City are a bunch of kids from Riverview/Brandon who think they are hard, when the only hard thing about them are their nappy ass hair. They use stupid phrases such as "damn man, you curved" when they pussy out of fights.
I think I'm hard so I'm going to pretend that I can fight and rap and try to kick someones ass. I'm scared to fight alone because I know I'll get my ass kicked, so I'll be a pussy and my whole crew involved, so when the other person doesn't want to fight anymore, I can just tell them that they curved. Twirl City Forever man.
by Bigdickballer5000 July 27, 2011
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