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After giving someone a titty twister or purple nurple, the nipple on the receiver tends to stay in a "twisted" position, not forming back to the erect nipple that it was before the titty was twisted.

Thus, Twipples are twisted titties that stay in a twisted position for an undisclosed amount of time before returning back to their original state.
Brian: Hey Pun, I have a question for you.

Pun: Whats that?

Brian: How does it feel when I give you a "TITTY TWISTER!?!?!" (Grabs Puns nipples and pulls so hard that they bleed)


Brian: Oh my god dude, look at your tits!

Pun: Holy hell, they are still twisted. They look like ice-cream cones.

Brian: HAHAHA, you have Twipples!!!!
by Yes, Its Brian February 12, 2008
An affectionate, tender and delicate tweak/twist of the nipple, prompting arousal and possible erectitude.
I'd twipple those norks for a fiver
by zebraboy777 September 09, 2010
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