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A twiorange is a the act of punching a girl in the face while you're ejaculating in her mouth. Named after Twilight_Orange of &Totse fame.
Damn dude, I twiorange'd my girlfriend when she was giving me head and put her in the hospital!!
by Bob May 05, 2005
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When you take a bong hit, tuck your dick in between your legs, and cluck like a chicken.

Alternatively, if you're a woman, you can go back to the kitchen.
"I did 5 Twiorange's last night, and now my friends are blackmailing me with pictures"

"I did the Twiorange and got my ass back to the kitchen."
by thisisstupidurbandicksucks December 18, 2008
When you mutual buttsex with your comrade and when both of you have skeeted in eachother's honey pots, you switch to the 69 position, partake in eachother's genetic matter, and then eat the anvil shaped turd which you created. Named after Twilight_Orange of &Totse fame.
Bryan ate a snowcapped poopoo with Marc, thus comitting the dreaded Twiorange.
by braunschweigervagina May 23, 2008

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