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When 2 Insults are laid down in one sentence to another person.
"..Not Only does ya style suck, your breath stinks as well." Twinsult
by gutterlove October 24, 2008
The moment when two people respond to another with the exact same derogatory reply. Usually a very predictable and overused phrase.
Person 1: This cake is really shitty.


Person 4: twinsult.
by fizzledlizzard July 04, 2010
An insult on the social networking site Twitter, often with a 'tw' added to the front of it. Can also be used in speech around friends who Twitter.
Don't make me twinsult you man.

My lunch got stolen today by some idiot jock. What a twouche bag.

Dude, why are you being such a twasshole.

Man, that guy is a real twat to me.
by TaintedKnowledge May 11, 2009
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