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A nose that which twinkles.;
A person who has a sexy nose.;
Someone who sparkles and shines beyond most;
one with a spunky personality, someone who sparkles;

one who has a nose piercing.
have you seen how happy cynthia is lately? sure have! She's a real Twinklenose!
by sillybum123 January 11, 2011
A person who is rabunctious the majority of the time. Has way too much fun just being him/herself. Other people may envy a Twinklenose, calling them too hyper or random. A Twinklenose is loyal, and proud of everything he/she accomplishes. Twinklenose's while fun, can be serious, but only when needs be. If you are looking for a fun time, meet a twinklenose! They will make you laugh for hours!
guy: did you see that awesome chick?
other guy: man! she is a TWINKLENOSE
by lillyjaneread January 11, 2011