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A very small and extremely successful car built by the French company Renault with up to 76 hp and a fuel efficiency of 47 mpg. The first model was introduced in 1992, left almost unchanged, and will only be replaced in 2007. The "Twingo" name comes from "Twist", "Swing" and "Tango". Some claim it's named after the "Twinbee" video game series by Konami.
Oh look, daddy got the leather seats for her Twingo. How ridiculous.
by sancali November 26, 2006
Inspired by the name of a car in New Caledonia, originated in 2003 Twingo describes silly actions can be used instead of drongo.Its all used lovingly and jokingly between friends. Its one of those had to be there moments.
"Errr you twingo" "You're the biggest twingo"
by ferrisbuellerismyhero March 05, 2005
a hot girl is really hot and buffs my banana
wow look at that twingo go
she's hot
by joe 45637728 March 25, 2008
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