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A MMO in development, created by Adam Powell and Donna Williams, former creators of the popular virtual pet site Neopets, which they left in 2005.

It already has a lot of fan based help sites, such as Twin Skies Now and Under Twin Skies.
Twin Skies: Hey, did you know Adam Powell and Donna Williams are creating a new MMO after they left Neopets?

TS Fan: Wow, I gotta check this out!
by Paradoxally August 28, 2008
Twin Skies is a MMORPG in development by Adam and Donna Powell, the creators of the popular virtual pet site Neopets. When it launches, you'll be able to create a character, download their client and enter into a fully-3D seamless virtual world with thousands of other players.

There are alreadys lots of fan sites behind Twin Skies: Under Twin Skies and Twin Skies Now are two examples of official fan sites.

It plans to go into a subscription pay-to-play type once its fully launched.
Man, Twin Skies promises to rock with DirectX 9 3D graphics and so many different classes!
by Paradoxally September 16, 2008