Verb: The act of luring an audience of science fiction or fantasy fans into a theater with promises of spectacular special effects demonstrating un-earthly super powers, only to disappoint viewers with drawn-out, boring, and laborious love stories.
Man, I'm embarrassed to admit I fell victim to the most recent twilighting movie release...I Am Number Four made me glad I "missed" the first three.
by Calvin at heart February 22, 2011
Top Definition
That phase of being 1/2 awake & 1/2 asleep; or being so into something that you're completely unaware of your surroundings.
Lots of days I am twilighting & it's an amazing wonderful mystical feeling!
by Starchylde January 28, 2015
To ejaculate all over someone and throw glitter on them so it sticks and they glitter like a twilight vampire (even though we all know that vampire burn in sunlight). To complete this act you must yell "TWILIGHT" as you throw the glitter
As Alex reached climax he pulled out his penis and began to ejaculate all over Mandy, he then yelled "TWILIGHT" and threw glitter all over her which stuck to the semen. She glittered like one of those stupid vampires from Twilight. This is known as Twilighting
by Real McAsshole March 19, 2010
Twilighting, To twilight: To relax; To enjoy one’s surroundings; To reminisce about the past; To think about someone; To be lost in ones thoughts (or lack there of); To absorb (figuratively); To reflect.

Introduced in the film "Megane" (めがね) or "Glasses" written and directed by Japanese director Naoko Ogigami (2007).

"Sorry to disturb you while you were twilighting. Dinner is ready".

"I'm going down to the beach."
"To twilight?"

"You don't seem to be very good at twilighting."
by AVMassey January 01, 2009
To go down on a woman who has her period.
My blood lusty, hornified self was satisfied by twilighting this chick.
by MisoHoney September 14, 2011
When a male Jacks off using glitter infused lotion.
not going out tonight man id rather be twilighting
by Melissa Laroue March 07, 2012
To finger (Rub exitedly and vigerously) the genitals of the opersite sex whilst watching twilight, new moon or any other film of the twilight saga.
Quite often taking place in a public cinema, although most twi-hard fans are too obsorbed in the film to notice.
As soon as the cinema lights were dimmed Danie oppened up her legs and tony got his fingers ready and begain twilighting her. She strugged hard to hide her screams throughout the movie.
Their friend, Wells, didn't notice a thing the whole time.
by guitardude01 June 18, 2009
-to masturbate while thinking of\reading\looking at pictures of Twilight.

-to ''diddle'' yourself to Twilight\Twilight related things.

**twilight, twilighting, twilights, twilighted**
''His little sister is obsessed with Edward. She definitely twilights herself all day and night.''

''It was horrible! I walked in on my sister twilighting herself!''
by seahorse_salad December 01, 2009
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