A generally addicting and well written, but extremely cliche series by Stephanie Meyer.
The four books in order are: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. The saga has been a sensation amoung teenage girls.

Here is my run-down of the series:

Twilight: A plain and clumsy teenage girl named Bella moves to a small town called Forks were no plotline exists. There all the guys in town fall in love with our not so pretty protagonist(????)Anyways Bella meets the town hottie, Edward who (guess what) is a vampire. (But don't be misled, he's not allergic to garlic bread and dosn't spontaneosly combust when you put him in the sun.)In fact he has no fangs, sparkles, and can be seen in a mirror. Edward himself, who diets on animal blood, is quite lacking in personality for a hundred year old emortal. He is descirbed as being God-like and generally perfect. Oh yes, and aparently Bella smells yummy. In summary the first book is a lot of Edward saying "Stay away from me I'm a monster!" And Bella Saying "No I love you!"

New Moon: Edward leaves Bella for her "own good" so Bella turns emo. She begins to hang out with her friend Jacob who of course turns out to be a werewolf. Bella is extremely clingy and Jacob falls for her, but of course Bella can't live without Edward and rather then seeing a therapist, resorts to throwing herself off of cliffs. Edward beleiving she's dead, tries to get himself killed by the vampire mofia. In the end they become a couple again and no one dies.

Eclipse: Bella can't pick between Edward and Jacob, so the whole story becomes a sick love-triangle. Oh yes and some vampires want to kill Bella again so it becomes epic. Then Bella picks Edward, the end.

Breaking Dawn: Wow. So Edward and Bella get married, then they go to a private island and have oodles of sex, which resorts in torn up pillows and broken head boards. Then we find out Bella is pregnant with a rapidly growing mutant demon baby. Cute. So anyways the baby basically beats up Bella from the inside and drinks blood as a fetus. Then for several chapters Jacob takes over narration and complains a lot. Finally Bella gets a c-section that Edward performs with his teeth, and she becomes a vampire. And after it seems it can't become anymore disturbing Jacob imprints (falls in love) with the mutant baby named Renesmee. Long story short the vampire mofia wants to kill the baby which resorts in a very anti-climactic meeting. And the saga ends with Bella and Edward having more vampire sex. The end.

The books are so popular they have begun to make them into movies, and many teenage girls are swooning for the fictional character Edward. The Twilight saga has created a very large fandom.
The Twilight Saga is over-rated.

I love the Twilight Saga!
by FantasyBandit April 19, 2009
This saga has absolutely little to no plot except for a girl and guy supposedly falling in love. However, there are so many things wrong with this book that it's not even funny.

There are also too many rants about this book flooding Youtube, and all of them are, how I say, accurate when put intelligently.

This book features: vampires that are portrayed as blood-thirsty fairies; Two people falling in love only because they think the other is sexy; failure to understand the difference between a ware wolf and an animagus; a plot that has nearly no twists or turns; two tools to lure fangirls into wanting to believe that a vampire or ware wolf would be the perfect guy; six hundred paragraphs only talking about vampire eyes; and one author's sexual fantasy.

Let's not forget, it also portrays that a creepy abusive stalker boyfriend as the perfect guy.

That's only 8 out of many other reasons you should hate Twilight.
Person 1: I just wrote a book on my sexual fantasies!

Person 2: Oh great, not another twilight saga.

Person 1: Oh, No, I actually know what a Vampire is.

Person 2: that makes it a little better.

Person 1: I also know a ware wolf can't change at will. Besides I'm not even using those creatures.

Person 2: Better still, just don't publish it.
by KT JDDD August 09, 2010
You have to get over the "sparkles in sunlight means not a real vampire" obsession and look past the lameocity of the story line. Really the vampire thing is just for a climax.
Teenage girl's who want to save themselves for marriage need to get off too.

It doesn't matter how cliche it ends up being on the teenage romance junky story line, there's a few crucial less failure points. Oh doesn't it make the teenage virgins go wild. Why are your panties getting wet? You've got orgasm.

Almost completely not cliche themes:
1. The average love-struck teenager novel ends up being the "I love you, I'd do anything for you, I will even refrain from cheating on you" reaction: want to vomit up ravioli. Twilight puts a twist to the average teenage romance "I love you, I'd do anything for you, I will even refrain from peircing you with my teeth and sucking your blood till there is only a suringe full left then I will shoot it up and stay high off you till my eye's turn black again. Reaction: triggers minor acid reflex, still tastes better than ravioli vomit.
2. Other teenage love-triangle novels use terms such as "I'm going to shoot your boyfriend in the head to earn your love. Friggen Loser I'll beat him. Let's have babies."
Twilight's Twist: "I'm going to rip off your boyfriend's head with my teeth and continue to mouth rape his stone flesh until he is in a few major pieces then insert them into the bon-fire as my tribe tells stories of our ancestor's doing the same to the other bastards of his clan. All to earn your love. Friggen Lice I'll treat him. Let's have puppies."

3. When the average girl wants to lose her virginity to her first boyfriend little preparation involved shaved legs, new allegedly sexy scent here and there then she lays down on the bed and finally lets him in between her legs "I just stole my sister's birth control *wink wink*" all he has to say is "Are you sure? I don't want to take advantage of you. You're positive? Okay."
Twilight Version: When a Twilighted girl wants to lose her virginity to her first boyfriend she has to be coniving and convincing to seduce him. Maybe a little papercut here or a bloody popped zit there. "I just started my period wanna taste *wink wink*?" But all he's ever interested in is souls. "I've killed people so if I want to have any chance of getting into Heaven I need to save myself until marriage."

These non-failure, hardly cliche at all themes and many more can be found in 700 out of 3,000 pages of the Twilight Saga.
by Sadistic Sarcasm May 14, 2010
1. A Pile of Shit.

2. Bad, Bad, stories that give you nightmares about sparkly Vampires and shapeshifting werewolves.

3. Cause of a disease called 'Twiharditis' that creates obsession for a overly dramatic sex life, suicidal thoughts and the belief that there is a 108 year old Peado-Vampire-God that will love them forever. The cure is to lock them in a cold, white room for 200 hours, make them watch and read Harry Potter on the go (but not GoF film adaptation, in fear of a relapse at the sight of Cedric) and mak them come to their senses. If this does not work, starve them and read Harry Potter and the Hunger Games out loud continuosly. They should see the erroe of their ways, and return to normal.

If not, KILL THEM. Its the only cure.
Person 1: Wow, I love the Twilight Saga, its so good!
Person 2: OMG, die.
by Potterheads Unite! May 20, 2012
The crazy shit that goes down after dark in the projects when the crackheads start creepin'.
"Dude let's get the fuck outta here. The twilight saga is beginning."
by RideDucati May 29, 2016
Everyones guilty pleasure. Many claim to hate it yet they have watched every movie to "make fun of it".
Person 1: " Twilight Saga is shit"

Person 2:" Really then why do you keep paying money to watch it when its out in theaters"

Person 1: ".."
by JennaLove July 03, 2012
a series of books written by stephenie meyer. a pretty good story about vampires and romance. since the release of the movie(trust me, the movie sucks, although new moon was pretty epic)

im not going to give detail on the series, just a reveiw.

twilight has a good balance of romance and horror (and a hint of comedy) and it gets really tense as the story goes on. but like all books, it has flaws.

but we can bear with these flaws, as twilight is stephenie meyer's first book written. it's a great series, but i wasn't happy with the last book. not happy at all.

latley, teens have developed intrest with the book, 80% of the time it's a unhealthy intrest where a girl thinks edward is real and stephenie meyer is a god.

then come the haters. i understand that people may or may not like the book but some go as far as shunning (normal) fans of twilight, and threatning stephenie meyer.

there are rarley people who are neutral with twilight. they understand it's pros and cons with ease.

i would reccomend this book to not only teens, but to adults as well. who knows? maybe they'll like it.
common usage of twilight saga include



me: way to be mature, guys. you'll go on about this book even after death. i mean, look. it's over. no one really cares anymore.
by Kiwisaki December 19, 2009
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