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The experience one gets at a certain point of energized exhaustion. When the body is starting to shut-down due to late-night/early morning hours, but is being forced to function through a surplus of caffeine intake at regular intervals.

Anyone currently in the Zone will feel the symptoms of weariness coupled with jitteriness, loopiness, possible dizziness, and a distinct feeling of being overwhelmed by whatever it is you are trying to stay awake for. S

pelling as well as communicating will most likely become difficult as well as thinking in general.
I have over 100 calculus problems due tomorrow. Staying up to work on them has thrown me into a serious Twilight Zone of Sleep Deprivation. Why is the computer screen moving?

Dude, I'm tired, but I want to stay up with her. It'll be some crazy twilight zone sleep deprivation, but totally worth it.
by PunkPrinzess August 31, 2009
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