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Uber dramatic sex, like the world is coming to an end and staring into the other persons eyes is (in a Twilight fashion) really is SO important at that time. Probably occurs at the same time as listening to something like Closer by Kings of Leon.
Me: I hooked up with that girl last night, she invited me over because her parents died.

Friend: Huh? How did that happen?

Me: She needed comforting. Twilight Sex.
by nappyBOI December 10, 2011

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is when a girl watches the popular twilight movies and then full of hormones and giddy from her vampire/wolf fantasies pounces on someone and procedes to initiate intercourse.
my girl was so horny after twilight she mounted me and i totally got some twilight sex.
by thebluevendetta November 24, 2009