A die hard "Twilight" movie fan. Fans of the movie series "Twilight"
The Twi-hards can't wait for the next Twilight movie to come out.
by darkwolf2u July 02, 2010
a boner you get after watching twilight
"Connor, whats in your pants?"
"Oh, I just watched twilight. I have a twihard."
by cbean24 December 08, 2011
Hardcore fan of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.
Loved the books before there was even going to be a film, and did not jump on the bandwagon because the actors were sexy(If you did this then SHAME on you).

Twihards usually have at least 3 movie posters, either have lost count of how many times they've read the book or keep a running count, and frequently quote the books in serious situations... and then get glared at by the people around them =P.
The best breed of fangirl. ;)

NOTE: Just because you've done the three examples doesn't automatically make you a twihard.=D
Girl: Hey, want some popcorn?
Twihard: 'You brought a snack?'xD

-Random Situation In Which Feathers Are Thrown (Oh It's Happened)-

Twihard- 'Why Am I Covered In Feathers?'
by DeadGirlRocks March 28, 2009
The most devoted fanbase there is. Through all the hate they get from other fandoms they still stick by Twilight. Have proven to be loyal and devoted by winning an MTV Movie Awards(fan voted award show) for everything they are nominated for.
Once again Twilight Saga sweep the award show because of their devoted twihards.
by JennaLove July 03, 2012
someone who buys an extra copy of the book.. just to have it ready when the worn out pages of the one she already has start to tear.

someone who can't spend a day without reading some portion of the book.. just to relax her mind from the problems of the day.

someone who paints "twihard" and "team edward" on her tee shirt.

someone who has imaginary conversations with edward as she drives her car. (fortunately her mouth is shut, so no one can see.)

to be honest, i almost never watch normal tv anymore. i neglect my dog a little. he needs constant grooming. he has learned to sit on my chair, next to the laptop, while i read midnight sun.

being close to 64 (twihag?), i try not to tell this to people about this obsession, but on the net i always comment on utube, or whatever.

being close to 64, i kind of discust myself.. but then i say there is no such thing as age, and i was always immature anyway. and really who cares..

i have a psychologist friend who refuses to talk with me about this.

runs across the street to say hello to a perfect stranger because they are sitting on the front step of their house with a copy of twilight on their lap. says i'm your new best friend.. then finds out that they are only 14, and then blushes and starts worrying that the 14 year olds mother will think i'm a perv of some sort.
by swamivicky November 07, 2010
A boner you get when watching a twilight movie.
Omg I went to see that new twilight movie and I got such a twihard!
by IdioticSlayer July 30, 2010
the biggest fucking retard you could ever meet. this person loves to read the twilight books. she/he is most likely crazy and is liable to come to your school or work with a knife or gun and shoot the non-believers of his/her cult up. you should be nice to this person, you never know what could happen
kid:man did you see that hannah girl, she's such a twihard.

other kid:dude don't say that about her she'll probably shoot us up.

kid:alright dude we'll be nice, but you know she's a twihard
by lollllllllllllllllllz February 17, 2009

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