A Neopian guild full of incredible members who obsess over the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. They know everything there is to know about the series.
"Hey, Neila! What page does Edward--"
"Page, 402, Eclipse."
"Oh, you twihard member!"
by thesecretowner March 10, 2009
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A mixture of the words 'Twilight' and 'Try-hard'. It is one of many names given to the fanbase of Stephenie Meyer's series of books, Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse (and Breaking Dawn, not yet released).
"Oh my god, I can't wait until the Twilight movie comes out in December!!!"
"You are such a Twihard."
by Fanpire May 10, 2008
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Obsessed fan of the gripping vampire love story/adventure/thriller saga, Twilight
One who is truly devoted to all books in the Twilight saga, the author of the books, Stephenie Meyer and also to the Twilight movie and all of its cast
Frequently visits site devoted to Twilight for the latest news
Billions of twi-hards waited at the 2008 comic-con for the moment they would see Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight movie cast.
by twilightess July 29, 2008
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A Twi-hard is a crazed Twilight Fan Girl (A book series by Stephenie Meyer i recommend the Host also by her much better than the more Popular Twilight Saga) they Love twilight more than life itself and Will do anything and everything to meet any of he actors or the author they want to be in the series as one of the main characters, and are so crazed they even think the characters are real having cardboard cutouts of them in their rooms, posters on every inch of their wall and a compute devoted to them possibly even a website or two (Or five hindred seventy nine which is not me I am only a fangirl of good things lol)

Normal Human being: Twilight is sooo cliche'....

Twi-Hard: How Dar YOU!!!!! Best books and moveis EVER Written I love Edward/Jaco with al my heart!!!!

Normal Human being: Umm they are fictional characters...

Twi-Hard: No they are real I went to Forks Edward looked at ME!

Normal Human being: Cardboard cutout...

(by this point the Twi-Hard has gathered all her obsessed friends to beat up the human and the human is layign unconsiou on ground or in a bush/tree)

(By now the Twi-hards have run back to the first ones house and are talking about twilight, acting it out, looking it up, buying twilight merch, and of course kissign pictures (yes girls and boys we know you do all of that stuff don't try to hide it)
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Someone who is over obsessed with Twilight and wants there boyfriend to sparkle.
that weird girl who threw body glitter over her boyfriend, and has read twilight 5 million times and will gladly call themselves twihard
by SKRJ December 30, 2009
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A person (most likely and idiot or dumbass) who lives and breathes twilight. The people are characterized by their fucking annoying nature and their idiotic beleif that vampires do exist and that they will marry the fictional faggot known as edward cullen and someday take his virginity.
person A: Whats the most annoying part of twilight?
person B: What?
person A: the fans (twi-hards)
by Idontwant A. Pseudonym June 23, 2011
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Hardcore fan of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.
Loved the books before there was even going to be a film, and did not jump on the bandwagon because the actors were sexy(If you did this then SHAME on you).

Twihards usually have at least 3 movie posters, either have lost count of how many times they've read the book or keep a running count, and frequently quote the books in serious situations... and then get glared at by the people around them =P.
The best breed of fangirl. ;)

NOTE: Just because you've done the three examples doesn't automatically make you a twihard.=D
Girl: Hey, want some popcorn?
Twihard: 'You brought a snack?'xD

-Random Situation In Which Feathers Are Thrown (Oh It's Happened)-

Twihard- 'Why Am I Covered In Feathers?'
by DeadGirlRocks March 28, 2009
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