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Totally amazing trendy fashion resale chain in Arizona where all the smart, cool people shop, sell and trade all kinds of groovy stuff to update their look. Know why? Because they want to look good and feel good, who the heck doesn't?! Men's, women's, and kids' styles too!
Twice As Nice is where I trade in my clothing, handbags, shoes and jewelry, get store credit or cash and shop like a maniac until I have a whole new wardrobe!
by Resale Fanatic December 21, 2011
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When you are just buzzed and just high enough to feel two times as good as when sober but are not too drunk to drive or function on a medium level.
Grayson: "Dude, last night i smoked a blunt and a white Russian."
Jimmy: "How'd you feel?"
Grayson: "I was feelin' twice as nice."
by Pink Caddy September 24, 2012
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