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Another way to turn any normal conversation into a sexual remark. It is similar to that's what she said (twss), However, it is used to express a male's sexual remark.
Person A: I'm changing in here.

Person B: Don't worry I won't come inside.

Person C: That's what he said. (Twhs)

Person A: How do those shoes look on you?

Person B: I don't know they're too big and clunky.

Person C: That's what he said.

Person A: Oh my god, shut up!
by 13[N]umbah13 May 07, 2009
an abreviation of "that's what he said".
Oscar : that always left me satisfied and smiling.
Micheal : twhs
by daniel duke September 23, 2006
TWH - Texting While Horny

Sending a text that you probably shouldn't because you haven't got some in a while.
Person 1: Dude I totally texted Brenda last night and she came over. Worst. Sex. Ever.

Person 2: What did I tell you about TWH?
by Verginia Brown December 08, 2009
A variation of the term Thats what she said but unlike TWSS, TWHS is not funny and should not be said. Especially if its a male saying TWHS. Bottom line "Thats what she said" is a phrase that should be eliminated completely.
Steve: Dude my thing was so long
Carl: Thats what she said, I mean THATS WHAT HE SAID!
Steve: Dude, your so lame! Never say TWHS.
by Jon "Studley" Miller May 14, 2008
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