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Twelvie: Another word for a person between 12-15 years of age who is either a massive ganga/slut or who is a scooter fag who thinks they are cool by rollin round in big groups of other twelvies. ( Wannabe bikies )
Kids who think they are tough rollin around with their friends on scooters.

Non-twelvies talking:

Dude1:That girl over there was tunin on Jackson the other day.
Dude2:She was grindin on me at Sensations....
Dude1: LAWL fuckin twelvie ganga.
by Paul Schemier June 08, 2011
Twelvies are (usually) 11-13 year old kids who, essentially, think they're more important/grown up than they really are, when actually these attempts at being more 'cool' and 'mature' just make them look less mature to those who actually are. They're quite naive and act like they know everything, when in fact, they don't. They often overuse stupid words such as 'swag'.
Twelvie: Look at me, I've got a boyfriend, I'm practically an adult now. Swag.
by ShelleyKnowsAll February 20, 2014
A person that is of the age 12. They think they're top sh*t. They think they own the place. They think they can win fights. They think they can do whatever they want. They act like there 16.
Wow that kid is such a twelvie.
A slang word used to describe any 12-14 year old. People older than this age take great pleasure in calling younger kids 'twelvies,' because it annoyed them so much when they were that age.
'Twelvies think they're so cool!'
by milatheboss October 28, 2015
A word used to describe any teenagers between the ages of 12-18.

Anyone who is under the (Australian) legal age.
Person 1: I can't tell how old these girls are with all their makeup.
Person 2: Oh, she's a twelvie trying to get in a club.

Person 1: So many twelvies around.
Person 2: It is school holidays.
by Squisheee October 26, 2014
The Police. Any law enforcement agent. See also "12", "PO-PO", and "ONE-TIME."
Twelvies erywhere, but they won't get me.
by bearknife March 18, 2014
a person of the opposite sex who is noticeably younger than yourself, often caught checking you out. Usually they appear to be twelve years old, hence the term twelvie.
That twelvie over there was totally checking you out. You're old enough to be his aunt or something.
by mllelanoir August 30, 2007
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