Very similar to a prosta-tot. A 12 year old girl who dresses like a full blown hoochie mama. These are the girls you see walking around the mall in really short skirts, giggling in a group, hoping to talk to guys who can drive a car. When the mall closes and they have finished hoeing around the mall they slip into the mall bathroom to change into parentally approved pants prior to being picked up by there mothers.
Shauna: Check out those little prosta-tots.

Andrew: Yikes! Scandalous outfits!

Shauna: Yeah, those little twelve-teens look like harsh bimbos.

Andrew: If those were my daughters, I'd lock-em up for a month.
by ShaunaM March 13, 2013
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Top Definition
A 10-12yr old girl who dresses, acts and talks like a mid-teenager. Charecterised by short skirts heels and boob-tubes, despite the lack of hips and breasts.
Check out the twelveteen bird over there!
by Will-z September 27, 2006
One of the best numbers ever made.
'Rob, what time is it?' 'Twelveteen thirty.'
by xpixie6 April 28, 2005
It's the number between twelve
& thirteen.
"I've told you the same thing twelveteen times!"
by Can't Get A Damn Name January 16, 2008

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