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Commonly used to address your followers on Twitter.
Good morning all you tweethearts! Had breakfast with the wifey. It was amazeballs!
by Frara P. July 28, 2009
A couple who insist on having long sappy conversations on twitter to the annoyance of all who follow them
Jonh: I love you Heather! <3
Heather: I love you more John! <3
Me: Freaking Tweethearts, Will you just get a damn MSN convo already.
by Dr Simon Love February 16, 2010
A person that does a great job tweeting via twitter.

Someone who uses twitter a lot.
Henry is such a tweetheart.
by krispa April 03, 2009
1. A person who is much loved in Twitter
2. A sweetie or any well-liked individual in Twitter
She is the tweetheart of my life.
by timlight January 29, 2010
"Twitter sweetheart" which is a step down from "Craigslist whore-friend" and is probably not something that should exist, but apparently it does exist. See Twivorce.
I can't believe what that tweetheart thinks she'll get away with what she's tweeting.
by hyperbole and a half December 12, 2011
a single person who seeks friendship and love from some other person on Twitter.
She is a tweetheart. She is looking for a like-minded person on Twitter.
by uttam maharjan November 15, 2010