A form of tattoo that makes the victims of it look like total twats. Celtic/barb wire arm bands on men or lower back tattoos on women are fine examples of twattoos.
Look at that guys twattoo, he thinks hes so cool but he looks like a total cock. hahahaha
by Jolyon March 13, 2006
Top Definition
The result of prolonged or vigarous cunnilingus, a "V" mark/indentation on your face.
"What is that mark on your face?"

"I just finished cunnilingus on my girlfriend, thats a twattoo"
by olive man July 03, 2014
A tattoo which is indicative of twattishness either in form, wording, design or placement.
"I just got a tattoo. It's Cheryl Coles face, on my neck."
" that's not a tattoo. It's a twattoo. You look like a twat."
by Georgiebass December 23, 2014
A tattoo that is inked on a females genitalia, usually with the pubic hair as a beard of a persons face or (if shaved) with the vagina as a mouth or as part of the design of the tattoo
Popular twattoos include:

Mr T
A Devil
Tribal Designs
by ApacheLQ August 12, 2006
A tattoo directly over a girls vagina, or twat. It is somewhat akin to the tramp stamp. Very common among pornstars.
Holy shit! That chick has a twattoo- this is such a good porno...

Wow! That pornstar has a tramp stamp and a twattoo and a tittoo. What a slut!
by zenaya96 June 20, 2010
A tattoo that makes its owner look like a bit of a tawt.
What on earth possessed you to get that twattoo on your face?
by rog--uk October 30, 2011
A tattoo that makes everyone who sees it think, "God, what a twat."
"Did you see that twattoo that Jodie Marsh let the readers of Bizarre Magazine choose for her?"
by Alomiakoda June 25, 2007

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