The female equivalent of the tea-bag. I.e. To dip ones "twat" onto another's face.
Bro, that party got crazy last night. Vicky totally twatted elle when she passed out on the couch! Twatting is hilarious!
by Twat1000000 May 07, 2012
To strike someone over the head, preferably with a shoe
I twatted him upside the head with my size ten.
by Cap'n J June 25, 2004
When you have sex with a guy/girl so regularly/often the they (without a conversation about it) become your boyfriend/girlfriend. Its like when someone occupies an abandoned home long enough that they eventually own it (squatting)
Steve: I can't believe Mike and Brittany are engaged!
Paul: Well, they were twatting for months!
by Jameson Ashlee August 31, 2013
When a person goes down on a female and spends to much time, when it becomes more of a nuisance then a pleasure.
My boyfriend thought he was making me happy, when in reality I had to kick him out for twatting
by pfunk815 June 21, 2010
Gratituous overuse of the @ on Twitter. Especially when there are more @(name) than actual message content.

Someone who exercises Twatting is also known as a Twat.
User1 at 13:37 from web
@Knobend1 @Knobend2 @OtherPerson @OMGHAX @something @morepeople @mooncheese @toast hi

User2 at 13:39 from web
@User1 you're twatting too much stop being a twat
by tehcmn October 13, 2009
To twat, to spend a period of time doing and achieving nothing, either intentionally or by accident.
''we did nothing all weekend, just sat around twatting''
by Cobs71 September 14, 2008
The act of posting bitchy complaining tweets on Twitter.
all she ever does is complain, twatting all day long like we actually give a shit.
by Greenhell33 August 11, 2009
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