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The term for a female who stops a friend who is also a female from getting laid. (The opposite of cockblocker)
Omfg I was so going to fuck that guy. But Dannah had to come and kill the conversation. Ughhh, she is such a twatswatter
by Robb Fox™ December 04, 2009
1 2
When a girl stops another girl from getting her game on. (The female version of a "cock blocker")

Invented by Dane Cook, said it in his may 2008 show in vegas
"I was going to get with him! You need to stop being such a twat swatter!"
by enhoJ July 20, 2008
423 37
the female version of the cock blocker. A female who prevents another female from having sex with someone.
Jane: I want to see Kyle tonite to watch a movie and snuggle.

Mary: Well how about I stop by around 10:30 then and we can all go to see that She's Just not that into you movie?

Jane: I swear to god Mary you need to quit twat swatting me because I just want to get some dick from Kyle. I mean Jesus Mary, you twat swat me like everytime I see Kyle, I just want to spend some time alone with him. You need to quit being a no-good twat swatter!

Mary: Oh my God Jane, I had no idea I was twat swattin' you like that. I apologize and it will not happen again.

Jane: Oh Mary thank you so much. I am sorry for being such a Ho-ma. I just haven't gotten to ride the bologna pony for like 3 weeks now.
by Barack Obama's new dog February 07, 2009
106 34
The Girl's version of a cock blocker.
A girl that prevents another girl from getting some dick.
Julie, what the fuck i was about to get some dick. You're such a twat swatter!
by BFlizzle May 18, 2009
81 21
Very similar to the word that applies to men "cockblocker" or to be cockblocked. Simply means a girl who prevents another girl from getting laid.
Sarah: I was about to have sex with Kevin last night when my roommate came home.

Ashley: Damn! what a twatswatter!
by wizardofwords May 16, 2009
57 14
made up by dane cook. a twatswatter is a woman who prevents another woman from getting laid.
that bitch was a twatswatter.
by sarah1988 June 02, 2009
37 6
The female equivalent to cock blocker; a man or woman who prevents a woman from getting laid. This term was created by Dane Cook, revealed in his May 2009 show Isolated Incident.
Oh my God, Becky, I was talking to this guy at work and Melinda comes up and asks me how my AIDS is! What a twat swatter!
by Dane <3 May 24, 2009
41 17
verb. (as popularized by Dane Cook)

A slang term for a female cockblocker. A person who will try and keep you from getting what she will never have herself. Generally a freakishly unattractive, large, hairy woman, who likes to hang out with younger hotter chicks in order to try and hit on the guys that like them. However, once she notices that the guy is not into her, but into her younger hotter associate, she will do everything in her power to sabotage the relationship. Typically she will also try to get with the guy to no avail.
Girl 1: I thought that guy was really into me but all of a sudden he turned cold and his attitude changed.

Girl 2: Wow, was there anyone else involved?

Girl 1: No just Cristina from work who always hangs around. She's fugly though.

Girl 2: Dude, sounds like she pulled a twat swatter on you. I'd kick her fugly ass.
by DaneCookFan27 July 14, 2009
29 9