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A group of Twaty girls who may or may not be whorish in appearance.
Hey look at that group of twaties
by AsiasorousMD August 02, 2011
The art of being exceptionally twat-like. Usually this role is filled by someone who is unaware of their obnoxious, clingy, and overall bitchy attitude and personality. Such girls are commonly running late to work/school, browsing forever 21, wearing leggings in the dead of winter, and dancing on tables to Lady Gaga.
Jenna's twaty attitude was getting on my nerves!

Anne is is being really twaty, so i am going to punch her in the face.
by dj2 February 15, 2009
The female equivalent to being cocky.
Girl: Were hot so we mine as well own it. Not to be twaty or anything
by Kenlary October 18, 2010
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