A pet name that girlfriends call each other, an extension of twat and godzilla. Not appropriate for a man to call a woman. Strictly for the female friendship relationship.
"Hey twatzilla.... how was your night last night? Did you see Jim?"
by __meg__ December 07, 2004
Top Definition
When the simple insult of "twat" just isn't enough.
"WTF is with that bitch! She went from zero to FUCK in 2 seconds. She's a raging TwatZilla!"
by anonymous May 09, 2005
1. A vagina of rather large proportions. A huge clit.
That pussy was so huge, it was like Twatzilla!!
an uber twat-waffle. see twat-waffle
My ex-girlfriend is being a cock-block god, i can't even get pussy now, she is a twat-zilla.
by brennan "Juggernaut" hensley September 16, 2007
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