1. A vagina of rather large proportions. A huge clit.
That pussy was so huge, it was like Twatzilla!!
Top Definition
When the simple insult of "twat" just isn't enough.
"WTF is with that bitch! She went from zero to FUCK in 2 seconds. She's a raging TwatZilla!"
by anonymous May 09, 2005
an uber twat-waffle. see twat-waffle
My ex-girlfriend is being a cock-block god, i can't even get pussy now, she is a twat-zilla.
by brennan "Juggernaut" hensley September 16, 2007
A pet name that girlfriends call each other, an extension of twat and godzilla. Not appropriate for a man to call a woman. Strictly for the female friendship relationship.
"Hey twatzilla.... how was your night last night? Did you see Jim?"
by __meg__ December 07, 2004
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