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a mystical place where the great uber-twat queen gives birth to the various useless bastards that the rest of us spend most of our lives trying to avoid.
"get back to the twatfarm" - meaning, you are clearly not human, just a twatfarm escapee, please do us all a favour and return to your own kind and save me from your babbling nuisance.
by TheTalon October 19, 2003
Any town in northamptonshire where the 18-24 year olds spend all the money they earn making cardboard boxes or flipping burgers, on fins stupid exhausts, spoilers, wanky dump valves and other parephanalia on their shitty 20 year old mk3 escort.
Kettering is such a twatfarm
by Big L March 13, 2003
The term used to define a woman's vagina when she is wearing tight pants or shorts, and the land surrounding her twat is attractive in appearance. A twat farm is usually found on college campus' across the United States, where girls wear yoga pants or spandex shorts 93.7% of the time. Noun. (language of origin: Sioux Fallsian)
Dude check out the twat farm at 9 o'clock! She's got space too!
by NTITUS54 September 16, 2012
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