a pregnant fish without a father.
you twastard
by fairy nuff September 24, 2003
Top Definition
A cunning mixture between Bastard and Twat, used when someone is bad enough to be both at the same time. Also as it is not technically a swear word, no one should have any objections with you shouting at them!

Invented by Eve and Dunnie (well more eve!)
"OMG You are such a TWASTARD!"
by Dunnie September 25, 2005
1. Cross between a twat and a bastard.

2. Twice a bastard.

Origin - first coined in 1977 in supermarket warehouse in Lancashire, England.
Tony Blair is a useless twastard.
by Dibber April 11, 2005
The word: " Twastard" is a noun and an amalgam of the words: "Twat" and "Bastard." Basically calling a person both insults at once making it a serious swear word and a double revilement. Generally used against males rather than females
"You little twastard, how dare you steal my money." Or, "Look at the right twastard Johnny has turned into."
by Polargo March 20, 2009
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