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Warts that grow on your taint - the area between your sexual organ and your anus.
My god, Tina gave me a bad case of twarts!

warts anal std taint anal wart
by Old Man Thompson September 22, 2010
4 0
'vagina art' Originally inspired by #1l
A paint brush, a sick mind, and a gullable female = twart
by sajj May 24, 2006
50 37
A fart that comes from a chicks twat
"Yo man u smell that shit?"
"Fuck dude, I think that bitch twarted"
by Liquid April 17, 2003
66 57
While in the act of twerking you let out a frat.
My girl was all twerking on my junk and let out a twart
by Crypto1143 June 16, 2013
5 0
TWART(portmanteau of 'twat' and 'art')

Art movement inspired by a 19 year old because of feminists continual statements.
"If they need something to moan about, I'll get women to use their vags for art! And call it 'twart'"
by Martin A May 25, 2006
21 20
A variation of a Twitter message. A somewhat negative reference that the post came from the person's backside.

ie: Tweet + fart.
Man, the twarts from this Twitter feed is crazy stupid.
by Dominic Coballe January 30, 2009
15 15
A tweet by an asshole.
Did you read that twart from Kanye?
by skinnybuddha July 03, 2012
0 2