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A slang term usually used to refer to 22-inch wheels. Twankie Deuces are considered highly valuable, and often are fought over for their chrome, flashy ambiance and appeal.
Damn, Nigga! Dose Twankie Deuces be poppin' in da sun like pussy in ma bedroom!
by Wheel Master June 04, 2007
A slang term referring to taking a smelly dump. Twankie describes the scent and Deuce refers to number 2 aka poop.
Hey brah, be right back, I gotta go drop some twankie deuces.
by DaWrathBinger March 15, 2010
21 inches or more (usually refers to rims)
Yo derrty! Look at dose ugly-ass twankies!
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003