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A fag that watches Twilight
Ahhh man, did you hear those Twags that think the vampires are sticking to what a vampire should be in that Twatlight movie.
by Klown78 December 11, 2009
An individual without testicals. Word created by Miss Cherry Pie. First was a typo. But, later used as a burn directed at disapointing flirt.
"What do you mean? He hasn't made a move yet? Aw man, that guy's a twag. You should reach into that boy's pussy and pull out some balls."
by Miss Cherry Pie September 03, 2006
hmmm, a cross between a twat and a slag maybe?!
basically people who can't speak properly just try to make this a real word.
yeah sure it is *rolls eyses at ginger kid*
"cause thats a word"
"yeah well it's my new word"
by Lhiane May 12, 2008
A twenty-dollar bag of marijuana
"Hey man, can I get a twag?"
by Stevey Mc Steverson September 04, 2007
a cross between a Twat and a Fag
"He is such a Twag"-Lane Smith
by Brennan Schloo May 26, 2004
A grimerian term meaning to skip school
i twagged school to go shopping
by andrew laughton September 23, 2005
Insult, usually used in conjunction with another word (see example). Twag is a collection of detritus and general shit.
Usage 1: "He is a twag"
Usage 2: "He is a right twag bucket"
by BenA December 17, 2003