A fag that watches Twilight
Ahhh man, did you hear those Twags that think the vampires are sticking to what a vampire should be in that Twatlight movie.
by Klown78 December 11, 2009
Tennis wife and girlfriend,
see WAG
created for andy murray's girlfriend, who hangs abotu teh tennis court, Kim Sears
a tennis player's wife or girlfriend (TWAG) who hangs about teh tennis pitch when their boyfriend/husband plays, tennis's answer to football's WAGs
by GS-Cookie-Monster July 15, 2009
hmmm, a cross between a twat and a slag maybe?!
basically people who can't speak properly just try to make this a real word.
yeah sure it is *rolls eyses at ginger kid*
"cause thats a word"
"yeah well it's my new word"
by Lhiane May 12, 2008
An individual without testicals. Word created by Miss Cherry Pie. First was a typo. But, later used as a burn directed at disapointing flirt.
"What do you mean? He hasn't made a move yet? Aw man, that guy's a twag. You should reach into that boy's pussy and pull out some balls."
by Miss Cherry Pie September 03, 2006
Insult, usually used in conjunction with another word (see example). Twag is a collection of detritus and general shit.
Usage 1: "He is a twag"
Usage 2: "He is a right twag bucket"
by BenA December 17, 2003
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