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Tu Tu, is an action which is not unsimilar to ignoring someone, but its done in a non malicious way.

TuTu is usually made by a Derek, Dez or Dezza, however, it has been known to spill out onto friends that are close to him, and it has been known to affect Trevs .

In laymans terms, its when you text, call or ask a Derek/Dezza/Dez a question, or even say something which requires a response and to recieve nothing, however, it is responded to, in said Derek/Dezza/Dez's own time.
Average response time is usually 5 days
Longest known response time was, 7 weeks.


TuTu'd:: I asked him last week, but he's tutu'd me
TuTu'ing: I asked him yesterday, but i think he TuTu'ing me.
Well, he has done a TuTu again.
by Booielicious January 25, 2010
9 11
anything silly or idiotic act.
BOY 1:Why is that girl bangin her head against the wall?
BOY 2:Cause she's tutus!! lol
by slangmasterdon October 22, 2009
5 7
A adverb similar to too, but heavier in emphasis.
You are tutu sassy!
by mari von fat fat December 24, 2010
3 9
A Lower Second Honours for a university degree. Also known as 2:2, hence twotwo, tutu. An euphemistic neologism invented by debz, because she is ashamed of her failure.

The ranking system is as follows (from highest to lowest):
Starred First Class Honours
First Class Honours
Upper Second Class Honours
Lower Second Class Honours
Third Class Honours

In a way, getting a "tutu" is a lot worse than getting a third or a fail. In order to get a third, you will need to have done absolutely no work all year, and turn up to the exam and scribble a few incoherent sentences. To fail, you need to do no work all year, smoke lots of pot, get drunk before the exam, and turn up to the exam and hand in blank sheets of paper, or not turn up at all. Getting a tutu means that you tried, but you are just completely retarded.
debz got a tutu, hahahaha!
by Diulailomo May 27, 2004
28 34
To fiddle with, to mess about with.
She spent the whole night tutuing with her new cellphone.
by Lena October 13, 2004
27 36
This word means stupid.
Tutu bitch!
by Daniel P. February 13, 2004
15 43
The name of my cat... I'm thinking of dying her pink... but that would be cruel. I didn't name her, by the way. My little sister was the idiot who did.
"Tutu was on the roof last night... stupid cat."
by Leolani October 16, 2004
15 54