a crazy, but frightened virgin who acts scatty and weird because
a) she wants to be noticed
b) shes frigid
by g-al-ill August 19, 2003
Top Definition
1. Slang for a Homosexual.

2. Ice cream with bits of candied fruit.

3. An early rock song written by Little Richard and covered by Pat Boone but not by Tom Waits.
"A wop bop a loo bop, a wop bam boom, Tutti Frutti, aw Rudi!" --Little Richard
by Lace Valentine November 09, 2004
Type of very strong hydroponic weed.
Dude when we hit that tutti-frutti we are going to get fucked up!
#weed #pot #dro #hydroponic #cat piss
by KNED December 12, 2005
1) sex (usually with a stranger)
"you see that girl?"

"ya! im gonna get me some tutti-frutti"
#tooty #fruity #fuckin #box #strange #puss
by 13onez March 22, 2008
1. flavored cocaine developed by a Brazillian gang
2. Porn movie
3. Gay
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
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