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1. A person who writes eloquent nonfiction, usually about fiction or poetry; a person known to publish critical articles and books. 2. A quiet, intelligent personality who writes. 3. Smart, gifted, expressive, articulate.
She was a turpin for Random House, known to produce significant volumes of criticism on modern poetry.

Because of the high recommendations by his previous employers, the company hired him as the Managing Turpin in the Editorial Division.

When I grow up, I want to be a turpin so I can be a famous critic.
by Standing Orders October 11, 2004
A person who just smokes weed all the time, has a very large mouth and talks shit to everyone or should never be trusted.
Dude, you are becoming stoner Turpin.

You bastard, don't be a Turpin!

He told everyone, I knew he was a damn Turpin!
by society February 18, 2004
The introduction of the word Turpin to replace the word Dick. The obvious link being the notorious highway man 'Dick Turpin'.

Ive been using this for a while now is rapidly growing in popularity!
Such a Turpin.
What a Turpin.
Kin Turpin.
by Tom Pemberton May 19, 2008
1 (n.) A person who spends his days chundering and fighting welsh people, mostly those from swansea.. also has suspiciously long showers cracking one out and spaffing on the floor for everyone else to stand on
OMG i let you in the shower to clean the chunder out of your hair and you go and flog the dolphin your such a turpin
by realestateninja May 19, 2010
Small town on the edge of Oklahoma. Near Liberal, Kansas.
Capital of gossip, Boring town home of the Turpin Cardinals and of the most disliked teacher that likes scented candles shaped like green apples.
Yo How did you end up in Turpin?
by madman89 April 06, 2006
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