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Is the act of conducting a chinese padlock, placing one's penis in one's own arse, subsequently developing an erection. This in turn causes the penis to slingshot out, releasing fecal matter.
John was so well hung that has was able to fuck himself in the arse and do a turkish slingshot.
#turkish #slingshot #erection #chinese #padlock
by slingshotter June 27, 2011
The act of ejaculating into a condom then removing the condom while holding the resovior end with thumb and pointer finger and open end with opposite hand. Next you would shoot said condom contents into your partner's face.
Jim was pissed his girlfriend made him wear a condom, so he gave her the ole Turkish Slingshot.
#turkish #slingshot #sling #shot #condom
by teebag nutz inmouth June 29, 2010
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