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When a girl\guy\another person is giving a guy head and he flaps his arms and makes turkey noises as he ejaculates.

Thanksgiving is the national turkey bird day.
Andrew: "I did the turkey bird with Emily last night."
Paco: "Cool story bro.."
by Harry Smelter September 28, 2010

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1) (noun) A goofball; one who resembles in actions or deeds a particularly silly bird (such as a domesticated turkey).

2) (noun) A general term of endearment, said by people from Kentucky to silly butts.

3) (noun) Can indicate an intimate connection with someone, depending on inflection
Person one: "Do you want me to pause it for you?"

Person two: *looking shocked* "Did you just ask if I want a suppository?"
Person one: "No, you turkey-bird!"
by Bird-n-Pika January 05, 2010