1. To derail an online blog or forum thread that was started to incite others
2. To so utterly confuse an online "troll" or spammerthey give up
For every person who starts a sales/finance related thread, they're likely going to find it Turkey-Baconed within the first 10 posts and then it's off to the races.


The War Bonds Lighters World War Lighters thread has officially been turkey-baconed!
by bplewis24 January 16, 2009
Top Definition
1. To spam an online discussion with inane and off-topic comments in an attempt to stifle intelligent debate. Usually done by insecure forum members (fanboys) who are unable to acknowledge or discuss negative aspects of their chosen platform.

2. To derail an online discussion under the guise of "self-moderation".
This term originated on the Playstation 3 (PS3) section of the well respected site AVS Forum. A thread was started to discuss the (then) recently announced $1 billion loss by Sony and how that would affect the pricing and future of the PS3. A small minority of forum members took this to be an attack on the PS3 and proceeded to inundate the thread with off-topic banter and in-jokes (involving turkey-bacon and waffles). Regular forum members continued to try to analyse the subject, but the intelligent and acute postings were overwhelmed by off-topic chatter and the thread eventually closed. Thus, it was said that the thread was "turkey-baconed".
by John Q Law January 23, 2009
Turkey-Baconed - 1. To derail an online blog or forum thread that was started to incite others
2. To so utterly confuse an online "troll" or spammer
they give up

Turkey-Baconed (with the above definitions) is a phrase originally coined in the PS3 section of the AVS Forum. It is used to derail internet threads or blogs on forums. Highly effective in ruining a troll's intentional baiting. (an internet troll is someone who posts to blogs or forums intending to start arguements). An example of being Turkey-Baconed can be found here War Bond Lighters and World War II Lighters. Now in this example a spammer attempted to just spam as many forums as possible and if you peruse that thread you will see from the very beginning it was derailed. Hence it was Turkey-Baconed. Now in this next example, Sony to post $1.1 billion loss, this was started by a troll. In this case the troll would be an XBox owner trying to incite a console flame war. It is highly common in the gaming world for fans of different platforms to have highly "spirited" disagreements. As you can see in both examples humor plays a major part in Turkey-Baconing. Along with witty banter, inane comments, and the occasional risque photo. So remember boys and girls instead of argueing in forums and blogs just Turkey-Bacon them.
"That Sony thread just got Turkey-Baconed"
by phipp01 January 16, 2009
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