a big fat blunt that is rolled so that it is skinny on one side and has a big bulge on the other end, resembling a turkey's leg
hey paul, roll us a big fat turkey leg so we can get stoned
by bolanos May 31, 2007
A sexual act performed between 2 or more large hungry harry gay men, commonly know as "Bears". This involves a turkey leg being hidden underneath the "catchers" pillow. Moments prior to the "pitcher" ejaculating, one or both the catching bears, pulls the turkey leg out from underneath the pillow and proceeds to gnaw on the turkey leg. Meanwhile, the pitching bear ejaculates onto the turkey leg. Similar to the spit trick, only involving a piece of turkey in a sexual act, and large harry hungry men.
So I gave two guys a turkey leg last night.... Its all good...
by shrimp grenade October 07, 2010

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