Happy Turkey Day!!!!
by Zach G. November 13, 2003
An insanely cool and counter cultural way of saying Thanksgiving. It's insanely awesome when you call it that, and only lame people call it Thanksgiving and then get mad that they don't call it by the correct name (these people also are loser emos, and they cut themselves on a regular basis.
Same: Hey man, you ready for Turkey Day next month?
Joe: Excuse me man, it's called Thanksgiving, loser. Now i'm going to go stare at a brick wall cause I have no friends and I hate on anybody for trying to act fun as an excuse for my sad pathetic excuse of my life. If I could go back in time, and stop my mom from getting pregnant with me I would, because I'm a complete idiot that points out that saying Turkey Day is a dumb way of saying Thanksgiving, even though A: Nobody should give a fuck because it's just two words, and B: It isn't even a big deal, so I'm shitting over nothing. Damn.
by Atticus Scout November 13, 2008

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