A bad person.
"A turkey is a bad person" - Homer Simpson
by El Bastardo October 08, 2003
Contrary to popular belief, the turkey is neither a country OR a bird eaten on most north american thanksgivings. The turkey is a sexual act performed by men, used to seduce women (followed swiftly by sliding it in) and to gain respect from ones peers.

To perform the turkey, one must have exceptionally massive testicles (two nuts are better than one), to begin with, and one exceedingly saggy sack (aka - scrotum).

1. Drop your trousers to the knee area, or remove them entirely.
2. Place your limp biscuit as far behind your sack as is physically possible without pain (pick a side, I prefer the right).
3. Pull that saggy monster and its companions away from your body, all the while maintaining the position of your johnson.
4. The only thing showing should be your package minus your dick, so start GOBBLING LIKE A TURKEY. The only way the true humour and sexuality of the turkey shines through is if you can talentedly gobble away whilst your friends or chubi are laughing or staring, keeping your concentration.
As Caggy was performing the turkey in the dressing room, Coach Dad walked in and let out a comical holler, both in shock, awe, and disbelief of the young man's sackular mass.

Caggy was showing his new chubi the turkey and this followed by her jackin' him off while she was suckin' his thang.
by Caggy March 16, 2008
The turkey is performed by a male who drops his pants and bends over with his legs slightly spread while making crazy gobbling sounds. It is called the turkey because the hanging scrotum looks like the thing which hangs from the turkey's beak.
Chad tried to do the turkey at Alex's wedding but Jason threatened to kick his ass.
by TheTurkey March 31, 2005
A 6 Person Sex Position, where in a woman simultaneously has oral sex, gives 2 guys hand jobs and is penetrated vaginally and anally. called the turkey because of the gobbling sound produced by the woman.
"I saw this porno, 5 guys turkeyed this chick."
by Disco Dick_Toby August 16, 2006
a turkey is a grl who has been stuffed
jamie is a turkey, cuz i stuffed the fuck outa her
by sanata soniltina April 21, 2006
a sucker. someone that doesn't know any jive and slang, someone that doesn't go to urban dictionary com
you's a turkey
by Clam-hat April 29, 2003
n. The rear; see ass.
Get your turkey off the road!
You turkey gooser!
by Kzilla May 08, 2005

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