Taking pictures of your bowel movements to share & compare with your friends via picture message on a mobile device.
Dick - "What took you so long in the crap-closet?"
Stewart - "I had to get my IPhone out and take a picture of my colon cannonball to send to Jimothy."
Dick - "Why did you send a pic of your toilet brownies to Jimothy?"
Stewart - "Dude, I'm in a heated Turds with Friends battle with Jimothy and I think I can win this week with this one!"
by tikirye December 07, 2011
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(n.) The act of playing Words With Friends while on the toilet.
Friend: dude play me back in words!
Me: give me a minute for this chipotle burrito to digest.
Friend: cmon! it's not Turds With Friends!
by Anthony Willy March 11, 2012
Playing Words with Friends, whilst sitting on the toilet. You get a personal bonis if you play a poop themed word.
Phil: <IM through WWF> I just played effluvia, I get a bunch of points and a personal bonus>
Bob: <IM through WWF> F-U, great Turds with Friends!
by nextdaycorn January 01, 2012
1. a.k.a. 'Words with Friends', a popular mobile app similar to Scrabble.

2. An instance of mutiple bowel movements in one toilet bowl due to (a) an effort to save water, (b) no functioning plumbing, or (c) passive or pathological infrequent flushing.
1. We should play Turds with Friends. What's your username?

2. Johnny: "The toilet hasn't worked for a week!"

Abe: "Yeah--that's some mean turds with friends we've been playing."

3. Say a prayer for the people upstairs. Their pipes broke and they've been playing turds with friends.
by anb2015 February 26, 2011
Playing the popular online game Words With Friends....while going to the bathroom.
Everytime I go to the bathroom, I bring my cell phone so I can catch up on my Turds with Friends games.
by albman January 30, 2012

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