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The Turds of Poseidon is a prank to save for the most terrible of offenders, much like the Upper Decker.

You take raw, uncooked shrimp, and find ways to hide them in places the target will not be able to discover. For obvious reasons, this is a difficult prank to execute as you need unfettered access to their living space, no witnesses, and perhaps a small multi-tool (for opening and closing air vents and whatnot)

Air vents, underneath toilet tanks, under sinks, hidden in cushions, bedding, curtain poles, the sky's the limit. Use you imagination. Remember, the goal is for them to NEVER be found, thus ensuring maximum stink.

Good luck, and use responsibly.
Prima was furious at Secunda for fucking his bitch. Little did Secunda suspect, that Prima had a key to Secunda's apartment.

Vengeance would be his! For he had a weapon few dared use. It's power, foul. It's use, forbidden. It's stench, legendary.

He would unleash... The Turds of Poseidon!
by Frank Marlowe January 18, 2014
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