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One of those detatched, modern, portable space age looking public conveniences
I went into the Turdis for a Doctor Who
by Martin Duxon August 08, 2003
the blue portable toilets often seen on building sites. The name derives from the word TARDIS, which is also a big blue box in the TV show Doctor Who.
Im busting for a Tom Tit, is there a TURDIS nearby?
by Borne August 28, 2006
A nickname for Kurtis when he is being a TURD.
Geez Turdis, Cheer up already.
by LR0890 February 06, 2010
A portable enclosed toilet unit, on account of its resemblance to Dr Who's time machine, the Tardis. They are usually seen at festivals and outdoor events.
Hey Steve, did you see Dr Poo during your travels in that Turdis.
by Mark123456 June 23, 2007
codename for a male mate/Boyfriend acting like a rediculously jelous control freak.
You go out with your friends and your boyfriend calls you 15 times within the next 2 minutes. You finally answer the phone and he's freaking out because your not hanging out with him. You hang up because your fed up with his rediculousness and talk to your friends.

You: OMG! Turdi will not leave me the fuck alone!

Boy: Just don't pick up to Turdi!!

....Unfortuantely this is a real life example.
by Ikkinikki420 October 27, 2011
the tiny, fit little dackside of a hot girl, that can accommodate a huge cock. just like Doctor Who's tardis, it much bigger than it looks
Neil; hey Rob that girls arse looks so tight that it would squeek when you fuck it.
Rob; looks that way but trust me Neil she has a turdis, she took 10inches dry and didn't even buck.
Neil; really so where did you borrow the other 5 inches to give her.
Rob; get fucked cunt
by your friend rob January 22, 2011
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