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One who burgles shit(turds).
A total cocksmoker.
I saw Paul turd burgle my poop out of the tarlet!!

Vishy is a fag and a total turd burgular.
by NIGGA_HATER August 09, 2003
someone who fucks butts and likes it 2
yo mom you are a total turd burgualr
by Joe Facker October 06, 2003
A homosexual or gay man.
Bruce is such a turd burgular.
by Allen Miami June 06, 2007
A gay boy who likes to stick his cock in a fellow queen's asshole and persue in stealing his turds.
That guy over there is a turd burgular!
by Jack Hawkins October 07, 2006
Carly Delores Keefe of bensalem pennsylvania on roaslie avenue.
Dayummn that carly is such a turd burgular.
by carly keefe April 27, 2004
smoke who steals and smokes bum cigars
by ernie October 21, 2003