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A toilet plunger
hey steve i just clogged the toilet with a massive shit. go get me the turd wrench
by shazam8992 June 10, 2009
The faecal matter left on a dildo when removed from a female's (or male's) anus after self stimulated pleasure. This is often an embarrassing situation and in some societies frowned upon.
Aristocrat 1: You'll never guess what I discovered whilst surfing the internet.
Aristocrat 2: What?
Aristocrat 1: A lower class female prostitute holding a turdwrench.
by shittyshittygangbang March 16, 2010
slang term for a toilet plunger
Honey, the toilet is stopped up again. Where's the turd wrench?
by hellbilly_213 August 02, 2009
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