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1. A total jackass, but in an annoying way. Somebody who is always whining, bitching or complaining and making life miserable for those around them.
2. A person who lies or exaggerate to the point where you can't believe anything they say. Everything that comes out of their mouth is bullshit, thus they are turd gurglers.
Saul always brags about how many girls he's nailed, even though everyone knows he just jacks off to National Geographic. He's a total turd gurgler.
by John625 November 20, 2007
When a person kisses someone's ass so much that they acually gurgle on that person's feces.
Person one: Geez Sam is such a turdgurgler to Mr. Johnson. Person two: You know what, his breath did smell a bit shitty this morning.
by Conleycrew September 14, 2009
Someone who consistaly gurglers turds.
For example: Someone who steals your last pair of socks is a "Turd gurgler"
by Woody October 31, 2004
Someone who criticizes other's people's actions in a particular, nitpicky and public way (the gurgle), using some bullshit idea (the turd)or as their justification. The resulting sound is that of gurgling a turd.
Person A "OMG I hate people who drive SUVs, they are causing polar bears to die because of global warming"

Person B to Person A "Shut up you TURD GURGLER!!"
by pooneggler January 13, 2010
One whom partakes in the act of ingesting then regurgating turds after they are burgled. They are often aided by a turdburgler. Another name for a turdgurgler is a Jaremy In Film.
Luke: Hey I just stole these turds.
Jaremy: Well can I gurgle them.
Luke: That is fucking nasty you turdgurgler.
by Ignatious A Reilly December 03, 2008
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