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That which Burgals Turds
Matthew Oakley is a Turd Burgaler.
by outlawzxj October 07, 2007
A person who goes into the bathroom, and tries to open your stall door over and over, even though it is obvious that someone is in there; causing you to tense up and cut off any turds in progress.
I was trying to take a dump at work, when a turd burgaler walked in and interupted me.
by Heywood Jablomee January 08, 2004
One who burgles turds.
Jim burgled Jamie's turds.
by Hugh G. Balls February 11, 2003
a man who sucks stolen turds
visal is such a turd burgaler
by visal September 09, 2003
That smelly Marek, Hes a Turd Burgaler
by hm August 02, 2003
a turd burgaler is a faggoty person who feels the urge and an unquentiable desire to steal turds
damnnit u turd burgalers!!!stay away away from my porta potty godamn u all!!
by chuckles September 06, 2004
a gay/homosexual/fagot.
"mum dad im a turd burgaler"
"but thomas my little sturtain!"
by Blay February 21, 2008