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That which Burgals Turds
Matthew Oakley is a Turd Burgaler.
by outlawzxj October 07, 2007
17 22
A person who goes into the bathroom, and tries to open your stall door over and over, even though it is obvious that someone is in there; causing you to tense up and cut off any turds in progress.
I was trying to take a dump at work, when a turd burgaler walked in and interupted me.
by Heywood Jablomee January 08, 2004
244 36
One who burgles turds.
Jim burgled Jamie's turds.
by Hugh G. Balls February 11, 2003
130 57
a man who sucks stolen turds
visal is such a turd burgaler
by visal September 09, 2003
60 54
a turd burgaler is a faggoty person who feels the urge and an unquentiable desire to steal turds
damnnit u turd burgalers!!!stay away away from my porta potty godamn u all!!
by chuckles September 06, 2004
74 71
That smelly Marek, Hes a Turd Burgaler
by hm August 02, 2003
45 42
a gay/homosexual/fagot.
"mum dad im a turd burgaler"
"but thomas my little sturtain!"
by Blay February 21, 2008
13 28